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Line composition:

Manual desktop inline screen printer, model KAYO-P1000


     Max frame dimensions with stencil - 370х470 mm;
     Max dimensions of the PCB - 250х400 mm;
     Dimensions table printing - 300х400 mm.




Desktop automatic pick and place machine of SMD-components, model KAYO A4


     Max size of the PCB - 480х380 mm;
     Mounting components  - from 0402 to 40х40 mm, LED, QFP, BGA ( step outputs ≥ 0.3 mm);
     Max mounting speed - 7000 comp/hour.




Desktop oven convection reflow solder, model  KAYO-RF330

330_4     Conveyor speed - 0 - 1500 mm/min;
     Max PCB width - 300 mm;
     Total length of heating zones - 1000 mm.

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