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Automatic inline screen printer, model KAYO-450

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Automatic inline screen printer for applying solder paste to the pads of printed circuit boards

System features: 

Servo drive cam; 
Servo drive Y axis raquel movement;
Monitoring and adjustment of pressure squeegee in real time;
High-precision PCB positioning system;
Increased stencil cleaning system;
Print quality inspection and SPC analysis;
Stencil aperture inspection (optional);
Camera with a larger field of view (optional).


Max dimensions PCB 450х350 mm;
Min dimensions PSB 50х50 mm;
Thickness PSB - 0,4 - 6 mm;
Max frame size from 370х470 mm to 737х737 mm;
Process repeatability –  20 micron (6 sigma);
Field of view camera  –  6,4х4,8 mm;
Adjustment range of PSB for stencil along axes   XY±7 mm, angle ±2 grade;
The cycle time of the equipment at 1 PSB (without taking into account the time of printing and cleaning the stencil) - less than 7 seconds;
The transition time from product to product is less than 5 minutes;
Adjustable print speed from 0 to 200 mm/sec;
Adjustable conveyor speed - to 1500 mm/sec;
Adjustable drive pressure squeegee from 0,5 to 10 kg/sm2;
Adjustable clearance separation of the stencil from the PSB after printing - 0,02 - 12 mm;
Conveyor height - 900±40 mm;
The direction of movement of the conveyor: from left to right, right to left, right to right, left to left;
Overall dimensions of the equipment - 1140 (S) × 1400 (G) × 1480 (V) mm;
Power supply -  220V±10%, 50/60 Hz, consumption - 3,3 kW;
Air supply (compressed air supply) - 4-6 atm., hose 10 mm;
Machine weight - 1000 kg.
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